Tummy Tuck Belt
Does The Tummy Tuck belt Really Work?

There has been quite a lot of hype surrounding the tummy tuck belt, and really what a lot of people are asking nowadays is does the tummy tuck belt actually work?

Well, I don't really know if the tummy tuck belt works and you won't either unless you try it for yourself, however I do know of a tummy flattening belt that does work - it's called the Flex Belt.

Now the Flex Belt works similar to how the tummy tuck belt works in that what you do to wear it around your waist like a belt, however it actually contracts your stomach muscles for you without you having to perform a single site up.

We all know that situps works well to flatten your abdominal muscles.

Well the Flex Belt works the same way, except you don't have to perform situps. In fact, it will do the situps for you, without you even getting down on the floor. You can be walk around, watching tv, taking the kids to school, you know just going about your daily duties and the Flex Belt could be working out your abs for you. I know pretty cool.

Anyway you have gotta check it out.

I found this pretty good review on the Flex Belt here.